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Aimbase is a powerful marketing automation technology designed for recreation and leisure marketers. Our platform increases revenues by generating more leads, shortening the sales cycle and nurturing brand advocacy.

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A strategic approach to marketing automation.

Aimbase was created by the AVALA Marketing Group, leveraging insights and expertise from over 17 years in recreation and leisure products marketing. Avala uses Aimbase to help manufacturers of recreation products engage more indepth with customers at each stage of the customer relationship lifecycle.

To learn more about the AVALA Marketing Group, visit AvalaMarketing.com.

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What can you do with Aimbase's turn-key marketing platform?

Database Managment

Integrate all of your prospect, owner, channel, and product data in a central repository.

Lead Nurturing

Automate highly customized emails to prospects based on their product of interest, type of request, and lifecycle status.

Email Marketing

Easily create custom lists from your customer database and send personalized, highly relevant emails to your prospects and owners.

Landing Pages

Create professional-quality landing pages and forms with our easy to use, drag-and-drop tools.

Prospect Scoring

Automatically identify which leads are ready to pass onto your sales channel and when a lead requires further nurturing.

Satisfaction Engine

Solicit and measure customer satisfaction on product, sales and service factors on a continual basis.

Social Media Advocacy

Flag your Net Promoters and give them an opportunity to automatically post their affinity for your brand on social networks like Facebook.

Marketing Analytics

Quickly assess what's working and what isn't in your lead generation activities.

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